For the first time ever, Brazil will host the UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships – the most important competition of the season. The bests para-cyclists of the world are going to be in Rio de Janeiro between March 19th and 25th. Athletes from at least 30 countries will compete on speed and resistance trials at the Rio`s Velodrome, one of the most impressive arenas of the Olympic Park.

The Rio`s Championship is more important yet because it is the first one to mark points for the ranking that will select the Tokyo Paralympic Games athletes. Para-cycling is the third most responsible sport on giving medals at the Paralympic Games, after Athletics and Swimming.

Para-Cycling was administered by the International Paralympic Committee (IPC) until 2007, when it was incorporated to the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the organization that runs the world`s cycling. The first Road World Championship happened in the same year, in Bordeux at France. In 2017, the competition was held in Los Angeles at the United States.

Picture by Simon Wilkinson/ - 05/03/2017 - Cycling 2017 UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships, Velosports Centre, Los Angeles USA - Brazil, Cesar Lauro CHAMAN Jonathan GILDEA
Rio de Janeiro

At Brazil, who runs Para-Cycling is the Brazilian Cycling Confederation. The most remarkable athletes are Soelito Gohr and Lauro Chaman, who had put Brazil in the podium at Paralympic Games, Para-Pan-Americans, World Championships and World Cup rounds. The realization of a World Championship at Brazil, will definitely help the growth of brazilian Para-Cycling.