The 2018 UCI Para-cycling Track World Championships will be held in the Barra Olympic Park, Rio de Janeiro. For your convenience, a selection of hotels in Rio de Janeiro has been made and you will find a list below. It is important to note that all preferred hotels were chosen for their location, both for the safety of their location and the proximity of the velodrome, in which the athletes can go cycling without any problems, if needed.

Rio de Janeiro is a tourist city and has a great offer of hotels, however, it is also a city with intense traffic jam. Keeping that in mind, choosing a hotel in an unfavourable place can represent prolonged periods lost in transit, causing disruption to the teams.

In order to assist the national federations, the Organizing Committee established an official agency for the event, which will offer special rates for all participants of the Rio de Janeiro 2018 UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championship.

For booking your stay, please find the accommodation information and booking available on the online form.

After completing the online form, a pre-reservation will be made for the requested accommodation. An invoice will be issued and sent to the e-mail informed in the form. The booking will only be guaranteed upon confirmation of payment.

For further information, please contact: Emilia Lopes
Fone: +55 81 3241 9976 or +55 81 3241 1261

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